Christmas Writing 2

Today I am driving around to various elementary schools to pick up Christmas artwork from the students that will be submitted to the paper.

I love looking through these pages and seeing the colours and designs the kids came up with. Some are full of colour, light, and life, while some of the pages are mostly white with just a few details. Some of the drawings are only done in pencil.

I wonder what the children are thinking when they make these pictures. Are they drawing what they have remembered and experienced? Are they drawing what they have never experienced in a Christmas celebration? Or are they simply letting their imaginations flow and telling a story?

No matter what went on in the minds of these little people when they made their pictures, I am happy that our paper thinks it is important to showcase their work. In our area, the decline in the number of children in the population is concerning. Children are an indispensible part of a healthy society. So let’s celebrate with the children in our lives, who can create great art, and inspire adults to live life to the fullest.Christmas Artwork from Grade 5 Boy


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