I love coffee. I miss it.

Recently, for health reasons, I decided to stop drinking coffee. That is, I have stopped drinking my favourite organically grown, direct trade coffee.

I reduced my intake to decaf.



Now I am off of coffee totally.

I am glad that I made that decision. Now that my body has accommodated to the caffeine reduction, I actually feel more energetic and alert overall, and less tired in the afternoons. It’s great. I also didn’t need the double cream, double sugar three times a day.

But the tiniest whiff of fresh ground coffee- say in the grocery store- can send me on a craving like crazy. I am astonished by how good it smells; by how much I would love to sit with a mug of fresh hot coffee with double cream and double sugar, in a cushy chair, with a friend.

What is about coffee that has such allure? Is it psychological, physical, physiological, social, or any other -al? Are we someday going to find out that coffee is as damaging as cigarettes to our bodies? I hope not. I am not a  purist, and I will be having a good coffee every now and then, despite my overall resolve to reduce consumption of my favoured beverage. For now, I will take comfort in the fact that I am making the healthy choice for myself, and enjoy  hot water and lemon. But if you invite me out for a coffee at a good cafe, I will not say no. And on a dark, gray day when I have been looking at the computer too long, I may be looking for an invitation!


One thought on “Coffee

  1. Brenda – what beautiful writing – it makes me feel all soft and warm inside – peaceful. Thank you for sharing your gift with words. I am so happy for you!


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