African Violets and Geraniums

Flowers in January make me smile. This is the time of year I start poring over seed catalogues and dreaming about what my garden could look like. Of course, those dreams never quite turn into reality, but I think at least half the fun of the planning is enjoying the vibrant colour on the glossy pages.

One house I have lived in had a great entry way with glass on three sides. Besides boots and coats and backpacks, I had one length of windows dedicated to growing houseplants. It was like a little greenhouse and my plants thrived year-round. I especially loved my geraniums in January, that looked so bold and triumphant as they bloomed non-stop while snow was just on the other side of the glass. They made my heart sing!

I remember my grandmother (we called her Oma) always had several African violets, and they always seemed to be in bloom. I would look at the different flowers and leaves and marvel at the similarities and differences. Some flowers were purple, some white, some varying shades of purple and white. They were fascinating. This fall, someone gave me an African violet. For some reason, it is the first I have ever owned. It is sitting in my kitchen window, and I baby it. I love the velvety leaves, and the lavender ruffled flowers. It makes me think of Oma, and I smile.

I also have an orchid that is going to bloom for the second time. It is looking very healthy- better than the ones in the grocery store! This too makes my heart sing- I guess I am a little like a kid in a candy store. I just love flowers. And growing them successfully is immensely satisfying.

Once I did a research project on plants in the workplace, and it has been scientifically proven that plants and flowers in the workplace can increase productivity and creativity. Fascinating!

So if you’re in a bit of a slump this January, consider getting some flowers and putting them in a place where you will see them often. It would be worth every penny. And I hope your heart will sing!



9 thoughts on “African Violets and Geraniums

  1. I remember African violets from when I was a child, though I can’t remember who had them. Flowers in January always make me smile, especially when I pick up a hyacinth to make my house smell pretty 🙂 What a great post!


  2. I enjoy african violets very much and they seem to be the only plant I don’t kill. Uncle Wiebe tells me they are a desert plant.
    About the office, I was told by Bill Langenberg in a workshop on plants that many plants detoxify the air also so in that sense its a good thing for the home and the workplace.


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