A Woman I Admire

There is a woman I admire. She is almost 90, a widow with a full head of curly white hair, and lives on her own. Despite her osteoporosis and other health concerns, she is full of life and makes me laugh. Let me give you some examples:

  • She drives a four-wheeled scooter in town- fast! I have seen her more than once going over the bumps by the curb without slowing down, safety flag bouncing and waving in the wind.
  • I met her on the sidewalk the other day and we talked about the cold weather. She promptly told me to put my hood on.
  • She speaks with lots of expression, rolling the ‘r’ in her mother-tongue accent. Recently, she read Scripture to help lead a church service.
  • She attends church picnics in the blazing heat.
  • She keeps active sewing (she once was a seamstress), reading, visiting, going out– even though she says she doesn’t get out much.
  • One time, my husband and I visited her at 10 a.m., and she served us a glass of red wine. She said it was left over from her birthday the day before, and none her friends wanted to drink it- it was if she were saying, “Live a little!”

I love talking with this woman, even though she can’t always hear me.  I love her spunk and originality, and I hope that when I reach her age that I will live life to the fullest- she’s an inspiration!


3 thoughts on “A Woman I Admire

  1. I knew exactly who you where talking within seconds! She is one amazing woman – Everytime I see her, she remembers who I am, who my parents are, my grandparents, and always asks how my kids are – by name! One amazing memory!!


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