The Privilege of Writing

Today was a day that a writer loves. A day where I could indulge my interests, with the added bonus of being paid for it!

I love history, and I had the privilege of interviewing Pat, who is part of a small group with a big vision to resurrect a local one-room schoolhouse. Sitting at her kitchen table surrounded by old photos and documents and a 1953 portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, we had a lively discussion while I plied her with questions. The history of the schoolhouse goes back to the time of the settling of the United Empire Loyalists in the area, and was in use until the late 1960s. Hearing her passion and desire to preserve the best of the past is so inspiring.

Before we sat around the kitchen table, I was invited to have a cup of coffee with Pat and her husband, Hans,  and we made the interesting discovered that Hans immigrated to Canada from Holland on the same ship that my father did, in the 1950s.

Not only did I do research for a story, I made some neat connections with people in my community whom I had never met before, and this is the joy of writing! Days like this sustain a writer through the lonely, slogging-it-out days when it is just you and the blank page.

I cherish days like this!


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