Another Great Day

Another great day of writing- I just have to tell you, there are some very compelling reasons to love this job!

My latest assignment  is to do a business profile, and I choose to profile the owner of a local coffee shop. Not only did we have a wonderful interview/conversation, I got a complimentary coffee, and got to know a “neighbour” on a deeper level. I used my digital voice recorder for the first time, and it sure beats trying to scribble down what the interviewee is saying as fast as the words are coming out of his  mouth!

Then I went to my tax lady and completed my 2010 tax return. It’s a bonus that I can claim “work at home” expenses, and I will be getting a nice refund. Yay!

Coming home, I stopped by the post office and picked up my mail. There were two publications in there- The Mural, with several of my articles and photos, and The Christian Courier, with my first book review ever. Another Yay!

I never actually did any writing today (other than this post!), but I have assignments to complete, and assignments fresh from the press. I think you’d agree- a great day for a writer!


2 thoughts on “Another Great Day

  1. Hi Brenda,
    I look forward to reading your book review. I love getting the Christian Courier. I once wrote an article they printed on adoption versus abortion….that was years ago….


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