Country Fair 1900s style

While researching an old newspaper on microfilm recently, I came across an advertisement for the events of a Country Fair.

The Frankville Fair was held in September 1900, and contests included Catching a Greased Pig, Climbing a Greased Pole, and A Fat Man Race, which was open to men over 200lbs. No wonder fairs were such big events! I laughed out loud in the library!

I also noticed that they had a lot of horse races of various classes that were open to women drivers. I guess that was a novelty too. These things would have given the locals a lot to talk about!

How fun it must have been for a child to attend these events. Just read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Farmer Boy to get a taste of the excitement. I can’t think of anything comparable today, can you?

Not only were there fun times, but the adults could certainly be proud of the communities of hard-working people that they were part of. They could feel a great sense of accomplishment. I’m sure there were jealousies and tensions, but community spirit must have been high.

This fair is no longer in existence, and I am not sure when it died out. If you go to Frankville today, it is hard to picture such a large event taking place in this small locale…

How fun to discover this little tidbit of history and imagine the vibrant life!



3 thoughts on “Country Fair 1900s style

  1. Sounds like fun! I think people definitely had a more down to earth sense of fun. Things didn’t have to be flashy to be entertaining. With all of our technology, we’ve kind of lost that. I love technology, but I love simple things too.


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