Quilt Therapy

One of the things I do to relax and rejuvenate is play with fabric. The wonderful colours, patterns, and texture of printed cotton is an endless source of delight.

And using geometry and other math skills to piece the fabric together stretches my brain in another dimension, that is sure to benefit my writing…

I give my mother the credit for this love of sewing, quilting and using fabrics. As far back as I can remember, Mom has always had a sewing machine standing ready for use. She used to sew me clothes. I remember distinctly when I was in grade two that I was home with the chicken pox for two weeks, and during that time Mom sewed me a new red outfit- pants and a tunic top. I wore it back to school that first day, and was thrilled with all the compliments I received! I’m not sure if the compliments ever made their way to my mother’s ears, but she did a fine job!

Later in my life, Mom naturally became a quilter. Everyone in our family has been the recipient of more than one beautiful quilt throughout the years. We all think it is fantastic that she had the opportunity to be a quilt store owner for a few years as well. (To see her recent work, go to: www.artquiltsbyjan.com) It was an awesome, cozy feeling to visit her in the store, surrounded by beauty and comfort.

So I guess it is natural that I absorbed this love of quilting. It makes me feel alive and satisfied.

How fun it is now- to teach my teenage daughters the same skills. To infuse their hearts and minds with the ability to create beauty. I hope this becomes part of their lives too. Thanks, Grandma!

A Mariner's Compass Quilt made by my mother almost 20 years ago


3 thoughts on “Quilt Therapy

  1. You have nice blogs. I think our children will have similar memories of their mom with other things, like helping with home work, gardening, painting and especially reading stories to them, which you are good at! Thanks for sharing your life in so many different ways!!!!!!


  2. Brenda I love the quilt you made! You seem to have many talents. Writing is for sure one of them. I am enjoying reading your blogs!


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