Reminiscing About a New (and Old) Home

Exactly 30 years ago today, my family moved a distance of 200km to a new home. (Why the date has remained in my mind would be an interesting study!)

The lilacs were in full bloom and we moved into a huge Victorian that as kids felt like a mansion. It even had a tower. Dad and Mom did a lot of work to the place over the years , and the next owner also made improvements, but now it is in shambles and looks like a crack house with weeds as high as small trees and window screens bent outward. It is a crime.

The one hundred-year-old house had been barely touched when my parents bought it. The original moldings, pantry with pass-through window to the dining room, light switches, and even toilet were still there, and in good condition. The carpet in the front hall was red, and my mother envisioned a bride coming down the stairs on this (which was me, many years later).

There were two staircases, large closets in the upstairs hallway, and closets in 4 out of 5 bedrooms.

There was a huge attic that was never renovated, but where my brothers and I would go and play despite the old peculiar smell and the tendency of cluster flies to gather in the windows.

As I look at the photo, I also see the attached barn on the left. It was a great place to play and explore, and we found treasures in there for years. It also was largely untouched, and even had a little manure house attached to the back- still full of old, rotted manure!

My old home in 1982, one year after we moved in, and prior to any upgrades.

This is where my love of old houses began. I am proud of my parents for the improvements they made. I am proud of the way they respected the work of the original owners. And I am proud of the way they made a house a home.

It was not a warm house, but my memories of it certainly are.

If I could, the nostalgic part of me would love to buy it back and redeem it.


9 thoughts on “Reminiscing About a New (and Old) Home

  1. I remember when you moved! Sad day. We visited you in this house once–probably the last time I saw you… Good thing there’s a guarantee of a reunion in heaven, but I sure would like to see you sooner!


    • I remember saying goodbye to you, too! It was confusing for me because I was sad, but also excited about the adventure I was on. I certainly would like to see you sooner too!


  2. Cousin Brenda,
    I have memories of this house too! I used to love going to visit your family and playing hide and seek and lots of other games 🙂
    Victorians are the best! I am sad to hear the house was not kept up though 😦


  3. I have good memories of that house as well. That house was so neat..loved the cute pantry,the pass through, the tower and all the wood work. It is such a shame that it is neglected. Seeing old houses abandoned and neglected makes me sad; there was so much life and history in them.


  4. O my..great story.. I met your parents for the first time in that house..I ate at the dinning room table with your parents while Daryl was puking upstairs from food poisioning on the train-a 36 hour train ride! My o My…memories..Thanks for sharing- I love to read your stuff!


  5. What an interesting home. I live in an old farmhouse now. I sometimes long for a layout that doesn’t require you to go room to room but I love the original woodwork and big porch.


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