Story Starters

For all my writing and imaginative  friends…

Here are some old photos that each tell a story. Who are these people? What is going on? Why are they here?

Tell me your thoughts!





All photos from the Holleman Family archives- please do not copy without my consent.




One thought on “Story Starters

  1. Something tells me the tall fellow in the first photo has three first names, like William Charles Harrison. He’s always right, even when he’s wrong he’s right and he never concedes to anyone. But Mavis, his lovely wife at his side will have the final say, that is if the arsenic does what it’s supposed to. Mavis can hardly keep a straight face through the photo session. Clara, the baby, is clueless, a silly body, a dreamer, and will spend most of her days in imaginary worlds without ever comprehending her twisted family dysfunction. Through an inconceivable turn of events, Clara will grow up a huge fan of Harry Potter, launch a fan fiction website, gain fame and fortune through J.K.R.’s Pottermore forum and live her remaining days in a grand castle on a mossy hillside. I’m not sure about the other two kids. They are very good at hiding their emotions and I can’t get a good read.

    In photo two, Lady Gaga has just stepped into Phillip Casey’s rural grocer goods store. This is the closest thing to civilizaion for over a hundred miles. Miss Gaga has just asked Phillip if he does belly button peircing. He has just replied, “No, young lady, we don’t do things like that around here.” Janelle (Phillip’s assistant pictured on the right) is saying a silent prayer that Phillip does not find out about her recent piercings.



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