Tidal Life

Growing up on the East Coast, my family has always enjoyed the ocean. I have dozens, if not hundreds, of memories of family within feet of the tides. So when I was recently working on an article, perhaps it was natural for me to associate families and tides.

There are ups and downs, times of storms and times of calm, but always there is rhythm, a constant and continual pattern of high and low tides.

I like this image very much.

No matter what your family is like, it is part of who you are. Through the highs and lows and the diverse seasons of life and life, for better or for worse, your family is there. Let’s do the best we can to make our families thrive and be beautiful!

These children are sitting above the high tide line for the summer. See the seaweed near their feet? That’s how you can tell. In the spring or fall when tides are higher, the high tide lines may be well beyond where the children are. In this photo, the tide is coming in.

~Photo taken at The Bay of Fundy, NS


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