Wordless Wednesday 6


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 6

    • I love taking close up photos, and all I have is a Sony point-and-shoot, so I am pleased with how these turned out. I really need a new camera that’s a little more sophisticated… any recommendations?


      • Without knowing how far you’d like go into photography and what your budget might be, I’d personally recommend the entry-level DSLRs from either of Canon or Nikon. I’m not completely up on the latest models but I believe the lowest prices are on the Canon Rebel T3 (T3i?) and Nikon 3000 (or 3xxx). Those will give you complete manual control and allow you to learn everything. I know someone who make $1200-$1500 per wedding shooting an old Canon Rebel so you certainly can get a lot of life out of an entry-level DSLR, especially b/c the camera isn’t the determining factor in the quality of 95% of all photos (your subject, composition, light, aperture, etc. matters most). If you grow out of it, it’s a great second camera or gift for an older child who can learn along with you. Canon and Nikon are both great and I’d suggest asking all your friends what they have and buy the brand that most of them own — you can share lenses and knowledge with them. There are fancy point-and-shoot cameras which let you control settings as well but I’m not really familiar with any of them. Sorry for writing a whole post in the comments — I hope it helps a little. Entire books have been written on this 🙂 If you don’t have a local camera store (we’re fortunate to have one in Austin) I suggest bhphoto.com, adorama.com, and mpex.com — all trustworthy sources. The first two (at least) also sell high-quality used gear too.


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