Happy Hearts

Hailey has a happy heart. Most often we would read this sentence knowing that this person feels happy and content. And that’s a blessing.

But what about your physical heart? Is it happy too, pumping away without you noticing, keeping a steady rythym that you hardly stop to give thanks for?

What about a heart that is under attack by a virus, and the person’s own blood cells attack it? This is a life-threatening situation called myocarditis, and it happened to a niece of mine. She developed this condition in a dramatic way when she was seven years old, and celebrated her eighth birthday in a Children’s Hospital. Through nothing short of a miracle and hundreds of people praying, she is now, by all appearances, a normal, healthy child.

She still takes strong medication, but overall, her heart, and the hearts of those around her, are happy. Things are so much better now than when we were confronted face-to-face with her life-threatening condition. We are thankful to God.

It makes the common flu seem to be of far less significance (and believe me, I was pretty miserable awhile ago when I had the flu).

When our mortality as humans is brought before us and we have to consider even the possibility of the death of a loved one, our perspective changes, and usually for the better. While we may have emotions from sorrow to anger or from fear to confusion, we do have an opportunity for growth as well.

A friend of mine has developed cancer. A hockey player and physically fit, a teacher and active in the community, the news came as a shock. But despite all the emotions she and her family are facing, all the challenging decisions that need to be made, I would dare say that her heart is happy. Not a happiness that is based on temporary things, but one that is based on the idea that God is orchestrating her life, working behind the scenes, and loving her.

My friend was able to attend a Coffee Break meeting recently. She had really missed this in her pre-cancer routine. She missed the blessings of meeting with other women. Interestingly, our study was “Esther- Courage in a Complicated World”. How appropriate for us all. She was happy to be there.

And our hearts are happy too. Not because of the cancer- there ARE tears- but because Life itself is so much bigger than cancer.

Than myocarditis.

Than the flu.

I challenge  you to look at your life and all of its circumstances and see where there might be opportunity in difficulty.

Turn away from what you are doing wrong, from mixed-up priorities, and instead study the Bible, pray, and talk with friends who really know how much God loves you.

I dare say, your heart will be happy.


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