Sounds of Grace

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound… recently a friend asked on Facebook, “What does Grace sound like?” While there were some cute comments like “I know a few girls named Grace, and they all sound nice”, this question really got me thinking.

It’s one of those phrases that I have heard a million times and never put much thought into.

I always took the phrase to mean that the composer John Newton thought the idea of grace sounded amazing. Which is true. Grace is amazing. Being gracious is a desirable trait that is not commonly seen. When is the last time you described a person as being gracious?

“Grace”, according to an online dictionary  is “elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action”. Wow! That could be a lot of things!

And whether we acknowledge it or not, I think we have all experienced grace already in 2012. Okay, maybe you didn’t see very much of it while Christmas shopping, but grace is all around every day, if we will open our eyes and hearts to see it.

Bono of U2 sings “Blessings not just for the ones who kneel, luckily” in the song City of Blinding Lights. That sounds like grace to me.

Read it again.

Blessings not just for the ones who kneel…

But to persist, and to ask as a child, what does grace sound like?

Think about it.

It could be the sound of rain on dry ground…

the sound of waves on the beach…

the sound of a mother’s lullaby

or children happily playing.

It could be gentle words in the face of anger…

a kind voice when you are lost…

or the sound of a hug when you are heartbroken.

Can you hear it? The sounds of grace? Tell me what you hear…


One thought on “Sounds of Grace

  1. “the sound of grace” This was odd for me to find. I posted on facebook around Christmas “What does grace sound like?” To me grace is the sound during an altar call when its so quiet you could hear a pin drop and then suddenly the sobbing of a sinner finding forgiveness through the Father.


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