In Praise of the Working Man

It has been quite the winter- rain, ice, snow, and every mixture thereof. Mild and wet, and bitterly cold. A time of year when it is a pleasure to have adequate shelter.

When driving home the other day, I had to turn around because a large limb had fallen under the weight of ice and snow. A crew of men was working diligently with chainsaws to clean up the street.

Just around the corner, another road was blocked. This time, men were digging a trench that was full of water. It looked like a water pipe had burst in the freezing cold. The breath of the men and the water in the trench formed a mist around them. It was messy, sloppy work. Backhoes and shovels were in full demand. No one was standing around.

I was grateful to be driving in my comfy, warm vehicle. And I silently said thanks for these hardworking men. For when I started to think about it, men like these have built and maintain our country to this day. Our whole infrastructure of highways and bridges, transportation and shipping, homes and offices have been primarily been accomplished by the sweat and strength of working men.

So, men, this post is in honour of you! Thanks for all you do, and for making our land such a great place to live! We appreciate it more than you know…

Here’s a great song from Canadian Country Music Award winner, Johnny Reid:



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