Sky Beauty

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, for me, the number one reason to believe in God is the incredible beauty of nature around us. The diversity, the adaptability, the complexity make me marvel, especially in light of the poor care we humans have often shown for the earth.

I love nature! I really should have studied biology more.

Take for instance, the sky. Do you ever stop and marvel at the sky? For most of us, I think we go about our days working, eating, relating to others, and not really noticing the vast expanse above us, unless of course, it is dropping moisture on us, or burning our skin. We are kind of sleepy when it comes to observation of obvious things.

Instead of stopping to smell the roses, how about stopping to study the scudding clouds in the sky? How about lifting your chin, looking for a vista, and taking note of what you observe?

You might see the cumulus or cirrus or cumulonimbus formations that you learned in elementary school.

You might see varying shades of gray, or the whitest white and the bluest blue in contrast.

You might see red or orange, and then when you stop to enjoy the majesty and savour it, you might start seeing pink, purple, coral, blue. You will notice how the sky moves. How it contrasts and complements the earth below. How the trees look black against a darkening sky.

Perhaps you have the chance to fly above the clouds. I have seen beauty there too! Rainbows between clouds, dark earth below. Piles upon piles of white billowy condensation. Mountains peeking through low mist.

I once read a book about a World War II survivor who was given hope enough to stay alive, just by having a small window in her cell where she could see a bit of sky. If she could be inspired by observing that little bit of light and colour on a daily basis, how much more couldn’t we, most of whom can easily find a place to view the wide horizon?

So if the darkening days of autumn do not lift your mood, perhaps the sky will. Look up and be amazed.


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