Roy G. Biv- Let’s Give Thanks!

Somewhere in my elementary or middle schooling, I learned about prisms and light, and the colours of the rainbow. I learned a handy mnemonic to remember the order of colours, and I have remembered it long past the unit test:








I have seen some remarkable rainbows in my life, and they are always a sign of hope of joy.

I love colour!

Red berries by snow and water

I love the purples and pinks of summer flowers, the blue sky, the sparkling white snow, and even mottled gray skies.

Poppy and buttercups

I love the shadowy depth of colour in ice, tree bark, and mountain vistas. I love the remarkable camouflage of animals.

Northern Leopard Frog on my garden path

Many people love this time of year, the warm colours of red, oranges, browns. There is nothing like standing in a group of blazing trees and seeing the glow over everything, something hard to capture in a camera.

View from my window this morning

When the sight of rich colour is combined with our other senses, such as the smell of grass sparkling with melted frost, and the sound of Canadian geese honking in their migrations, it is a gift.

Birch with Virginia Creeper

 Bright red maples, golden aspens, and  white birch bark are good reasons to give thanks. To momentarily forget the pain and challenges in life, to rejoice in colour and in the Creator of colour. These things can help lift us from our momentary troubles and help us focus on greater, higher things. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!



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