My Reading Pile

Beside my bed is a tall stack. Of books. Some are waiting to be read. Some are too dull to keep reading (like parenting or conflict management), and some have great titles and covers, but I just haven’t had time to start them. By the time I get to my bedroom at night, I have little mental, physical, or emotional energy to engage in reading. And if I do, it is usually a mistake that I deal with the next morning in the attempt of an early rising and heading out for another day of work.

But some books do get regular attention, albeit slowly… I often have 3-4 books in various stages of completion.

One year I took a year to work from home and to concentrate specifically on writing and reading. It was one of the best years of my life. I thrived and read many books, and I wrote and wrote. I read books to write reviews about too. Nothing better than getting paid to read!

I had no dry times when I couldn’t think of anything to write (unlike recently), and I didn’t have trouble finding books either. Good times.

This year I received a Kobo for Christmas, and I have already read an entire historical novel, just for the fun of it. Wow, have I been missing this in my life! I definitely need to get at that pile, and renew my interest in reading and writing. Who knew a little piece of technology could be such an asset?

A Christmas break sure helps too!


3 thoughts on “My Reading Pile

  1. Unlike you, when I choose to read before I sleep, I usually sleep before I read 😦 I find it so relaxing and thus, I find it very difficult to get through the pile of books and I keep adding to the pile.


  2. Are you finding the e-reader causes you to read more or has it merely renewed your interest in reading?

    I ask because I received an e-reader, too, recently. I enjoy reading on it, but I definitely miss the tactile benefits of a paper book and I don’t think the e-reader has “won me over”. I basically stare at a computer screen for 8 hours or more every day, so the idea of voluntarily contributing more of my time to a screen isn’t always attractive, for one thing. Also, though, my eyes need a break!


    • Hi Jason,

      After using the Kobo for awhile, I must say that I miss paper books too! And I have to agree about the screen thing… But they both have advantages.

      What is a bigger problem is when libraries are actually closed and eliminated in favour of the internet and other e-sources, which is what our local high school has done. I find it an astonishingly short-sighted decision!

      Thanks for being a loyal reader of my posts! 🙂


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