A Valentine’s Sonnet

I wrote this poem back in 1992, when I was dating my husband. It’s a little sentimental, and there are times it maybe didn’t ring true, but so far, our marriage is standing the test of time… I thought I’d share the poem with you today. Thanks to WordPress for the prompt (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/cupids-arrow/)!


When you came along, you made my days bright.

Gardens we saw, and the ocean so blue

We sat on benches to see sunset hues.

Our friendship grew stronger each happy night,

And the words that we spoke seldom were trite.

I thought right away that this I’d pursue-

A lifetime of smiles and tears spent with you.

With you by my side it always felt right.

My feelings for you are still much the same

Except stronger and deeper than ever before.

With our hands in God’s, our lives in His care,

Together we pray his promises to claim.

Your love shown to me makes me love you more-

Laughter and kisses we always shall share.


13 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Sonnet

  1. I did think that this was a lovely poem. I especially like how it was complete. I believe the poem covered highs and lowes and was colorful to draw me into it. I wanted to; I did read it thrice.


      1. Brenda, I am one of those folks that really values a good pat on the back or puch in the nose (so I can prep for the next so it doesn’t hurrt?). In short, pay it forward.


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