About Me

Born to Dutch immigrant parents, I grew up in a little place not found on most maps. It is called Old Barns and is in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. Our house literally bordered on the mud flats of the Cobequid Bay, off the Bay of Fundy. My mom used to tell me when the tide (highest in the world) changed because the laundry on the line would blow in the opposite direction. I never realized how unique that was until I was much older, living thousands of kilometres away and missing the fresh ocean breeze.

My life has taken many paths- like a snake slithering back and forth in the grass but still moving forward. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Elementary Education from an American college, I have a Writing for Children diploma, and a Office Administration certificate all of which are hanging on my wall. My jobs have been diverse too- from greenhouse to General Motors, classroom to hardware store.  And mingled through all that is marriage to a farmer turned preacher and raising four children with him.

I have always loved to write. It is where I can express myself most fully, without interruption, and hopefully with some thought. I love books. They stimulate and entertain, and I am fortunate to live walking distance from the library. My goal is that my own writing would someday find its outlet in a book as well.

So to life experience, blogs, and books: Cheers!


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Brenda. Long time no speak. While you have kept steadfast on the narrow path, I have not so much. You may find the blog of my journey food for thought. Your blog is well done I must say. 🙂 All the best and keep up the good writing!

    Best Regards,
    Paul Seaman


  2. HI Brenda,
    Love your latest blog story about a lady who inspired you. I know just who you mean and she truly is inspirational. She has always been a person who was “herself”. Good for you for writing about this…


    • It does seem like a million years ago! I’m glad you have good memories! I have great memories of Truro Heights too! This summer we drove in there, and showed the kids where I used to play with my best friend! Wow… I wasn’t 100% certain of the location of the first little bungalow you lived in, but I found the other home (and your Oma’s) with no problem. The house in Old Barns has been fixed up quite a bit. It looks really colonial now. Thanks for your comments!


  3. I love the pictures you display on your blog. What caught my attention the most was your telling of the old house. I am in the process of buying an old frarm house built in 1881 and I am very excited about living in the house. I call the house “Safe Haven”. It is in a very small town called Bernville; the kind of town wherein the only real noise the sound of birdsong. The repairs begin on the house next week and i will be happy to see the house come to life once more.


    • Thanks! Your “new” home sounds like a wonderful place to be. And I really like the name you have chosen for it- isn’t that the true vision of what home should be? Keep in touch!


  4. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog! I read this about page and your writing resume and got a nostalgic chuckle out of some similarities we have. I had Dutch immigrant great-grandparents (my father is 100% Dutch), grew up in the CRC, my grandmother always had The Banner lying around, went to K-12 and church with 90% Dutch/CRC kids (including some Vissers), we’ve got a giant Dutch Bible that my great-grandfather preached from, etc.


  5. Hello Brenda! I clicked over to pay you a visit and thank you for the kind words you left me at Under the Oaks. I will return here to do some reading when it isn’t so early in the morning and my brain cells are firing. I’m sure to enjoy your blog 🙂


  6. Thanks for stopping by my place! What a cool name of a town to be from… Old Barns. That just exudes a rural idyllic lifestyle. We probably have lots on common based on the places we live. My wife and I, both old house people, wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for sharing your writing.


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