The Tree

This is a guest post that originally began as a Facebook post, by my husband, Winston Visser. As 2013's days are numbered, I reflect on a year of loss, transition and opening to other possibilities: My father died at 84, sadly, after several months of worsening health physically and mentally; the practice of my vocation … Continue reading The Tree

My Reading Pile

Beside my bed is a tall stack. Of books. Some are waiting to be read. Some are too dull to keep reading (like parenting or conflict management), and some have great titles and covers, but I just haven't had time to start them. By the time I get to my bedroom at night, I have … Continue reading My Reading Pile

Eating Stale Cookies and Other Fun

From the outside, my childhood may appear to have been quiet, boring even. Born to Dutch immigrant parents, I went to church every Sunday (sometimes twice), and often during the week for other programs¬† or events. The Calvinistic work ethic was alive and well in our home, and money was handled frugally. But that doesn't … Continue reading Eating Stale Cookies and Other Fun

January’s Jigsaw

I got a jigsaw puzzle tradition from my mom. And there has rarely been a year since I lived on my own when I have not followed the tradition. Every year, after the Christmas decorations are put away, when it is cold and snowy and I'd rather be by the fire, when the sunshine beams … Continue reading January’s Jigsaw

My Favourite Christmas Card

I have a Christmas card that I will keep forever. It means a lot to me. It is from my son. The card is not pretty. It is not in Christmas colours. It is made from construction paper and recycled cards. But before I tell you more about what it looks like, I would like … Continue reading My Favourite Christmas Card

Funeral at Christmastime

I live kitty-corner to a funeral home which is between Main Street and my house. Today I was out and about on Main Street, walking and focused on doing a number of little things quickly- going to the bank, picking up odds 'n' ends, mailing Christmas cards. Errands done in good time, I mentally was … Continue reading Funeral at Christmastime

Strawberry Jam

Tonight, ten days before Christmas, I made cooked strawberry jam.¬† I used crushed berries that we had picked this summer, and froze. What a yummy smell in the house in this dreary dark weather! The scent of strawberries is so fresh and summery and brings back wonderful memories. Memories of this past summer u-picking strawberries … Continue reading Strawberry Jam