Thanksgiving Day Hike

As is often our tradition, we do a hike on Thanksgiving Day weekend. Today we went to Foley Mountain Park in Westport, ON. The air was fresh, the sky was blue, and the trees were just beginning to colour. It was an afternoon of blessing and goodness. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

John’s Positive Pipe Organ

My father grew up in the Netherlands, and as a young boy was impressed by the pipe organ he heard in church. That impression never left him. Organs became his hobby, and my childhood was full of organ music. I remember Dad reading the Diapason magazine, studying it, really, as my brothers played with Lego … Continue reading John’s Positive Pipe Organ

Tissues & Tears

My father-in-law is in the hospital. He has multiple medical concerns, perhaps the greatest being the state of his lungs after a lifetime of cigarettes. But the most disconcerting thing is his dementia and decay of mind. A dedicated farmer, "Opa"¬† began his life in Friesland (northern Netherlands). He has always claimed that he started … Continue reading Tissues & Tears

Eating Stale Cookies and Other Fun

From the outside, my childhood may appear to have been quiet, boring even. Born to Dutch immigrant parents, I went to church every Sunday (sometimes twice), and often during the week for other programs¬† or events. The Calvinistic work ethic was alive and well in our home, and money was handled frugally. But that doesn't … Continue reading Eating Stale Cookies and Other Fun

Crocheting Dutch Doilies

Crocheting with my grandmother, "Oma" in the winter is a warm memory from my first year of marriage. I had moved far away from friends to be with my husband, and was admittedly a little lonely (although I am not sure I admitted it at the time). It just so happened that my widowed grandmother … Continue reading Crocheting Dutch Doilies

January’s Jigsaw

I got a jigsaw puzzle tradition from my mom. And there has rarely been a year since I lived on my own when I have not followed the tradition. Every year, after the Christmas decorations are put away, when it is cold and snowy and I'd rather be by the fire, when the sunshine beams … Continue reading January’s Jigsaw

Poppy Day

Can Remembrance Day be lighthearted? As we remember the sacrifice of so many lives for peace and country, can there be joy? I have been attending Remembrance Day ceremonies at cenotaphs in usually chilly weather for several years now, and I love the pageantry, the solemnity, the bugle sounding The Last Post. I love standing … Continue reading Poppy Day

Teenager at the Farmer’s Market

Farmers' Markets are a great place to go to find local produce and crafts, but more than that, they are a great place to go to build friendships and community. Ask me. I should know. I spent my teen years going to the Halifax Brewery Market every Saturday with my Dad who sold bread there. … Continue reading Teenager at the Farmer’s Market