Kouchibouguac Equipped Camping

On Labour Day, my husband and I drove our daughter to University in New Brunswick for her freshman year. And then the two of us went camping at Kouchibouguac National Park , on the eastern shore of NB. We drove our small Honda Fit for 10 hours to get to campus, and everything "fit"- university … Continue reading Kouchibouguac Equipped Camping

A Gardener’s View

I love June! Here are a few photos of gardens I have been tending. My own, and my friend Pat's . She and her husband have been on a hiking trek in Europe (see her blog http://www.patanddanmakingtracks.com), and I have had the privilege of tending to the flower beds, as the birds serenaded me in … Continue reading A Gardener’s View

Summer Hiatus: Tornado and Drought

After a long summer hiatus, I am back to the blogosphere (cheer here)! It was an eventful season, with two of the highlights being an F1 tornado that swept through our village, and  a garden-killing drought (not to mention that a tree also fell on our garden...) Mostly, it was hot, hot, hot. To those … Continue reading Summer Hiatus: Tornado and Drought

Sour Cherries

A friend recently posted a photo on Facebook asking what kind of cherry she had found. It is like a large chokecherry. While I couldn't definitively answer her question, it reminded me of the sour cherry tree we had in our backyard the first decade of my life. It was quite an old, large tree … Continue reading Sour Cherries