Tissues & Tears

My father-in-law is in the hospital. He has multiple medical concerns, perhaps the greatest being the state of his lungs after a lifetime of cigarettes. But the most disconcerting thing is his dementia and decay of mind. A dedicated farmer, "Opa"¬† began his life in Friesland (northern Netherlands). He has always claimed that he started … Continue reading Tissues & Tears

A Look Back, and Ahead

In 2011, I had 52 articles published (mostly news related), and made 39 blog posts. So that is one article a week, and almost that much for blog posts. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and challenge along the way! I am looking forward to two writing conferences in 2012, and I hope I can … Continue reading A Look Back, and Ahead

Story Starters

For all my writing and imaginative¬† friends... Here are some old photos that each tell a story. Who are these people? What is going on? Why are they here? Tell me your thoughts! PHOTO ONE- THE FAMILY PHOTO TWO- THE STORE   PHOTO THREE- THE BIRD All photos from the Holleman Family archives- please do … Continue reading Story Starters

Sour Cherries

A friend recently posted a photo on Facebook asking what kind of cherry she had found. It is like a large chokecherry. While I couldn't definitively answer her question, it reminded me of the sour cherry tree we had in our backyard the first decade of my life. It was quite an old, large tree … Continue reading Sour Cherries

Plaster, Nails and Wallpaper

Renovating- a big job. After procrastinating for about a year, my husband and I finally decided to tackle the worst room in our house- the laundry room. This room has not been touched for 40+ years, and beginning with a leak in the ceiling from the bathroom upstairs, it needs help. So far we have … Continue reading Plaster, Nails and Wallpaper