An Architect Named Angelo

Another coffee shop adventure... Recently my husband and I visited a coffee shop in a little town I love. We sat in the corner in the small seating area. Another customer came and set his book on the table (so close that we could have touched it- the cafe really is small!) and went to … Continue reading An Architect Named Angelo

Writing Limbo

I'm at that weird and awkward place in my writing career that reminds me of getting a new job when you're fresh out of school. I have made a lot of growth and progress as a writer, met fantastic people and written about interesting things. But everything I have done is mostly short. Magazine articles, … Continue reading Writing Limbo

Christmas Writing

My husband collects books about Christmas. They range from I Spy Christmas to Christmas in Plains by Jimmy Carter to A Newbery Christmas, a collection of short stories by Newbery award winning authors. Christmas has a way of capturing the imagination and creating rich feelings in us. My favourite in the collection isĀ  Angels and … Continue reading Christmas Writing