My Reading Pile

Beside my bed is a tall stack. Of books. Some are waiting to be read. Some are too dull to keep reading (like parenting or conflict management), and some have great titles and covers, but I just haven’t had time to start them. By the time I get to my bedroom at night, I have little mental, physical, or emotional energy to engage in reading. And if I do, it is usually a mistake that I deal with the next morning in the attempt of an early rising and heading out for another day of work.

But some books do get regular attention, albeit slowly… I often have 3-4 books in various stages of completion.

One year I took a year to work from home and to concentrate specifically on writing and reading. It was one of the best years of my life. I thrived and read many books, and I wrote and wrote. I read books to write reviews about too. Nothing better than getting paid to read!

I had no dry times when I couldn’t think of anything to write (unlike recently), and I didn’t have trouble finding books either. Good times.

This year I received a Kobo for Christmas, and I have already read an entire historical novel, just for the fun of it. Wow, have I been missing this in my life! I definitely need to get at that pile, and renew my interest in reading and writing. Who knew a little piece of technology could be such an asset?

A Christmas break sure helps too!


Christmas Writing

My husband collects books about Christmas. They range from I Spy Christmas to Christmas in Plains by Jimmy Carter to A Newbery Christmas, a collection of short stories by Newbery award winning authors. Christmas has a way of capturing the imagination and creating rich feelings in us. My favourite in the collection isĀ  Angels and Other Strangers by Katherine Paterson.

Paterson is a pastor’s wife, and she has written these stories for their congregation. The stories are poignant and moving- so much so, that when I read them aloud to my family at home I sometimes cannot speak for the emotion in my throat. What she gives us is Christmas stories that are not tidy and perfect, but ones that show the messiness of life and how even dark places can have hope because of the birth of our Saviour Jesus. I highly recommend her book, if you can find it . Our copy was published in 1979.

And now to Christmas story writing of my own. In the news business, it is very busy right now covering Christmas events. Most events are well attended, and people are enthusiastic, and I consider it a joy to highlight these good things of my community.

I encourage you to read a good Christmas book this season!