My Reading Pile

Beside my bed is a tall stack. Of books. Some are waiting to be read. Some are too dull to keep reading (like parenting or conflict management), and some have great titles and covers, but I just haven't had time to start them. By the time I get to my bedroom at night, I have … Continue reading My Reading Pile

My Favourite Christmas Card

I have a Christmas card that I will keep forever. It means a lot to me. It is from my son. The card is not pretty. It is not in Christmas colours. It is made from construction paper and recycled cards. But before I tell you more about what it looks like, I would like … Continue reading My Favourite Christmas Card

Funeral at Christmastime

I live kitty-corner to a funeral home which is between Main Street and my house. Today I was out and about on Main Street, walking and focused on doing a number of little things quickly- going to the bank, picking up odds 'n' ends, mailing Christmas cards. Errands done in good time, I mentally was … Continue reading Funeral at Christmastime

Strawberry Jam

Tonight, ten days before Christmas, I made cooked strawberry jam.  I used crushed berries that we had picked this summer, and froze. What a yummy smell in the house in this dreary dark weather! The scent of strawberries is so fresh and summery and brings back wonderful memories. Memories of this past summer u-picking strawberries … Continue reading Strawberry Jam

Christmas Writing

My husband collects books about Christmas. They range from I Spy Christmas to Christmas in Plains by Jimmy Carter to A Newbery Christmas, a collection of short stories by Newbery award winning authors. Christmas has a way of capturing the imagination and creating rich feelings in us. My favourite in the collection is  Angels and … Continue reading Christmas Writing