Shedding Light on the Past

How did a young teenage girl live and feel in 1911? Would her problems and joys be similar to mine or different?¬† I have been able to find out by following a fantastic blog: It is the diary of a young teenage girl in 1911 whose grand-daughter, Sheryl Lazarus, has been posting her journal … Continue reading Shedding Light on the Past

Wartime Journals

I love reading survival stories from World War II in Europe. It intrigues me how people can come out of horrific situations and "live to tell about it". The oppression and suffering that millions faced have been passed down to people of my generation who hear these stories orally, or through books. Many books have … Continue reading Wartime Journals

Transcribing History

For almost a year, I have been working on a unique project. I am transcribing several journals of an early (circa 1900) Canadian, Mrs. Robert Simpson. Written in ink, in small notebooks, every line is full from one side of the page to the other; there are no margins at all. Her script is clear … Continue reading Transcribing History

Story Starters

For all my writing and imaginative¬† friends... Here are some old photos that each tell a story. Who are these people? What is going on? Why are they here? Tell me your thoughts! PHOTO ONE- THE FAMILY PHOTO TWO- THE STORE   PHOTO THREE- THE BIRD All photos from the Holleman Family archives- please do … Continue reading Story Starters

Horse Beauty

I saw a horse the other day. It was tied to a lamppost in a paved parking lot, drinking water out of a 4 litre (one gallon) ice cream container. It was harnessed to an old buggy with wooden wheels- like the kind you might see a bride and groom parade in, only much, much … Continue reading Horse Beauty

An Architect Named Angelo

Another coffee shop adventure... Recently my husband and I visited a coffee shop in a little town I love. We sat in the corner in the small seating area. Another customer came and set his book on the table (so close that we could have touched it- the cafe really is small!) and went to … Continue reading An Architect Named Angelo

The Privilege of Writing

Today was a day that a writer loves. A day where I could indulge my interests, with the added bonus of being paid for it! I love history, and I had the privilege of interviewing Pat, who is part of a small group with a big vision to resurrect a local one-room schoolhouse. Sitting at … Continue reading The Privilege of Writing