Sour Cherries

A friend recently posted a photo on Facebook asking what kind of cherry she had found. It is like a large chokecherry. While I couldn't definitively answer her question, it reminded me of the sour cherry tree we had in our backyard the first decade of my life. It was quite an old, large tree … Continue reading Sour Cherries

Quilt Therapy

One of the things I do to relax and rejuvenate is play with fabric. The wonderful colours, patterns, and texture of printed cotton is an endless source of delight. And using geometry and other math skills to piece the fabric together stretches my brain in another dimension, that is sure to benefit my writing... I … Continue reading Quilt Therapy

Strawberry Jam

Tonight, ten days before Christmas, I made cooked strawberry jam.¬† I used crushed berries that we had picked this summer, and froze. What a yummy smell in the house in this dreary dark weather! The scent of strawberries is so fresh and summery and brings back wonderful memories. Memories of this past summer u-picking strawberries … Continue reading Strawberry Jam