My Reading Pile

Beside my bed is a tall stack. Of books. Some are waiting to be read. Some are too dull to keep reading (like parenting or conflict management), and some have great titles and covers, but I just haven't had time to start them. By the time I get to my bedroom at night, I have … Continue reading My Reading Pile

Writing Contests: The Joy, the Pain

A writing contest is a little like passing in an assignment at school, hoping that you get an A. Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don't. And that's okay most of the time. But to intentionally enter a writing contest, to pay a fee to compete with others for the top prize is a little … Continue reading Writing Contests: The Joy, the Pain

A Look Back, and Ahead

In 2011, I had 52 articles published (mostly news related), and made 39 blog posts. So that is one article a week, and almost that much for blog posts. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and challenge along the way! I am looking forward to two writing conferences in 2012, and I hope I can … Continue reading A Look Back, and Ahead

Transcribing History

For almost a year, I have been working on a unique project. I am transcribing several journals of an early (circa 1900) Canadian, Mrs. Robert Simpson. Written in ink, in small notebooks, every line is full from one side of the page to the other; there are no margins at all. Her script is clear … Continue reading Transcribing History

Writing Limbo

I'm at that weird and awkward place in my writing career that reminds me of getting a new job when you're fresh out of school. I have made a lot of growth and progress as a writer, met fantastic people and written about interesting things. But everything I have done is mostly short. Magazine articles, … Continue reading Writing Limbo

The Privilege of Writing

Today was a day that a writer loves. A day where I could indulge my interests, with the added bonus of being paid for it! I love history, and I had the privilege of interviewing Pat, who is part of a small group with a big vision to resurrect a local one-room schoolhouse. Sitting at … Continue reading The Privilege of Writing